Halcyon Home was created to bring the most exceptional care to your home and your loved ones. Halcyon was the Greek god who calmed the seas in order to allow the mystical beautiful kingfisher bird to lay its eggs, and that time of year was referred to as the halcyon time of year. We hope to create a peaceful, idyllic setting for you even in the hardest or most stressful of times, in order to allow you to enjoy your life to its fullest.

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HAL • CY • on

A period of time that is idyllically happy and peaceful.

We are a group of highly educated and trained medical, business and eldercare professionals, with busy, stressful lives who came together because we had been caregivers for our loved ones.  We saw a need for something better in Austin. We needed quality people to help us, and we couldn’t find them through any agency, we had to go hand-pick them ourselves. Whether it’s shopping or errand-running for an executive, cooking for or bathing a loved one, home management, or providing medical advocates for any illness, we assure you we bring a level of service you have never experienced before.


Amy Sweet

Austin Woman’s Way Business Awards Winner

Entrepreneur Of The Year®
2021 finalist

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage every employee with respect, kindness, and support so they can carry that forward to achieve an optimal care experience and outcomes across a range of health services including personal assistant services, home health, palliative care, and hospice services.

Our vision

Our vision is to impact the people we serve through a holistic approach by providing authentic attentive care to every client, patient, community, and employee.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Pledge

At Halcyon Home, our mission calls us, our values guide us, our vision improves us, and our diverse culture CONNECTS us. All these steps combine enhance our care for the patients and communities we’re fortunate to serve. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our core values of care, communication, collaborate, connect and saying yes steer our actions and interactions. They also guide us to achieve our mission to help people live healthier and tranquil lives. And throughout it all, we are infused by a culture that cultivates a workplace like no other. This is Halcyon Home’s Cultural Diversity and Inclusion pledge to you.

What Makes Halcyon HOME Great?

A personalized Level of care

We are privately owned by a Physician Assistant who is highly invested in ensuring we treat each patient for their individual needs while every patient receives the best outcomes possible while on home health, hospice, or personal assistant services with Halcyon Home.

A Unique Approach

We are extremely innovative and hire most of our clinicians full time, providing an opportunity for them to collaborate in person weekly on each patient. Our team approach affords us the opportunity to provide exceptional care for all patients referred and sets us at the top of the industry in central Texas.

Fewer Rehospitalizations

Our current 30-day rehospitalization rate is 7.2%, with a 3.5 star rating as an agency on Medicare.gov.

No Waiting Times

We absolutely can see all referred patients within 24-hours of discharge and can provide you with same-day Skilled Nursing and Physical Therapy, if requested by your physician.

help every step of the way

We offer Community Liaisons to each patient throughout their services with Halcyon Home, providing real time updates to your physician and to ensure your admission, discharge, or service addition process goes smoothly throughout your care.

A holistic approach to our residents care

We think differently than other agencies in that we want to ensure each person receives the services they need, even if they are non traditional. Examples include Nurse Practitioner tele-health visits, respiratory therapy, dietician consults, and massage therapy, just to name a few..

Trusting the Data

We have invested in a data analytics programs to ensure we can identify patients at highest risk for rehospitalization. We know you share our goal to remain safe, independent, and healthy in your home setting. Our data analytics program takes several factors into consideration (i.e., recent facility stays, comorbidities, etc.) and ranks each patient on our services from highest to lowest risk for rehospitalization. This allows us to put additional interventions in place for patients at greater risk for rehospitalization and has afforded us the opportunity to keep our 30-day rates way below the national level.

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